Mandatory Attendances 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2022

Please be advised that the Sporting Shooters Association NSW mandatory attendances are soon to be finalised. Members who use the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia NSW as their genuine reason have until the 31st of March 2022 to finalise their attendances, The NSW Firearms Registry is aware that due to the ongoing pandemic and evolving circumstances, that some licence holders may have had difficulty in complying with their participation requirements given stay-at-home orders, self-isolation, quarantine or even due to a reluctance to congregate.
The Illawarra committee has been informed that due to the ongoing pandemic that relief was being offered to members where members had 2 years to complete One years’ worth of attendances, and this was due to finish on the 31st of March this year.
This was thanks to the representation from SSAA NSW, all members are now being reminded that from the 1st of April 2022 that ALL members who use the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia as a genuine reason will be required to revert back to the normal reporting period and required mandatory attendances.
Those who have Target as a genuine reason need to attend an approved Shooting complex a 4 times per year.
Those with Hunting need to attend 2 hunting nights / Days to fulfill their mandatory attendance.
Collectors must attend 1 collector meeting.
Please note that the Illawarra Branch gives out complimentary hunting attendances to those who attend the Hill Top range and who conduct range shooting activities.
The branch is unable to provide target attendances at Hunting Nights / General Meetings.
If any member is unsure if they have completed the mandatory attendances, please contact the SSAA NSW office and follow the prompts.

Upcoming schedule of events can be found at:
Kind regards 
Chris Sainsbury 
SSAA (NSW) Illawarra Branch Inc.

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